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Vote YES on Measure O on Election Day Nov. 8th

posted Oct 3, 2016, 8:17 PM by Poly PTSA

On Wednesday, August 17, 2016 the Riverside Council PTA Association voted to support RUSD's school bond measure known as Measure O. What this means is that all of Riverside Council PTA and it's members may now formally endorse this measure. Additionally, your local school PTA unit may elect to endorse the measure as a group, although it is not necessary for your organization to do so. You may individually endorse, support, promote, or volunteer for this campaign.


Advocating for the care and protection of children and youth is the core value of which PTA was founded upon. PTA's advocacy goals are "to represent, inform and mobilize members and the public to advocate for the education, health, safety and well-being of all children." As the oldest and largest advocacy organization, PTA is uniquely qualified to influence policymakers, and by working collaboratively on issues, we can form a powerful force in securing adequate laws and public policy.

As a reminder, the California State PTA's Nonpartisan Policy states that:

PTA must never support or oppose political parties or candidates, including those running for school boards on nonpartisan slates. However, PTA may adopt a position expressing its support for or opposition to issues dealing with the health, safety, education, or general well-being of children and youth. One of the main Purposes of PTA is “to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.” By educating its members – and through them, the general public – on issues affecting children and youth, PTAs can best influence the course of action of those who make policy decisions, thereby achieving the Purposes of the PTA.

PTA units may be involved in legislative activities:

·        By supporting or opposing local issues that affect children or services to children in their respective communities based upon a study of the issue and a vote of the association; and

·        By supporting California State PTA positions on legislation needed to achieve the Purposes of the PTA.


The Measure O campaign committee is made up of many parents, RUSD staff members, and teachers who donate their time towards this very important local cause. We are in great need of volunteers to help spread the word and educate our community on this important issue. If you are interested in participating, you may sign up for a shift that has been designated for your school, but walk-ins are also welcome!

Phone banks are going on now, Monday through Thursday evenings at the headquarters in downtown Riverside. The address is: 3775 Tenth Street, Riverside (RRC Architecture, next to City Hall). 

Volunteers are given all of the information needed to answer questions they may be asked, and do not have to make any "cold calls". There is no persuasive speaking required; rather all calls are scripted, and are made to known supporters, simply reminding them to look for Measure O on their ballot this November. High School students are also encouraged to volunteer. Not only can they earn volunteer hours, but this is a great opportunity to acquire experience in leadership and local grassroots organization. 

 For more information about Measure O, to sign up to volunteer, or to see your local school's volunteer schedule, please visit:

For a list of endorsements, please visit:


If you have any questions, please contact Campaign Manager Jared McCreary at:, or 951-809-6598, or Grassroots Coordinator Susan Sweica at:

We would like to remind all parents in the community to please vote this November, and to look especially for the Measure O on your ballot. Since it is a presidential election year, Measure O will be located at the very end of this year's long ballot. Local ballot items affect our community usually quicker, and with a greater impact than the "big ticket" items, therefore we encourage you to take the time to give special attention to Measure O and other local initiatives. Election Day is November 8. To pass, Measure O must receive 55% support. All registered voters in the Riverside Unified School District are eligible to vote on Measure O. The deadline to register to vote in this election is October 24To register to vote, please visit: